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2014 Zhuhai Campus Annual Review Meeting Successfully Held

Last updated : 2015-01-13
Written by: Party and Administration Joint Office
Translated by: Wang Yu

On January 8, 2015, the 2014 Zhuhai Campus Annual Review Meeting was successfully held at the First Meeting Room in the Administrative Building. During the meeting, an overall review on the works of the whole campus and all offices was given. Ma Jun, the Vice President and Director of Zhuhai Campus Administration, Hao Dengfeng, Secretary of Party Committee of Zhuhai Campus, and directors of all functional departments on Zhuhai Campus attended the meeting. Schoolheads and student representatives including undergraduate and postgraduate students were invited. Hao Dengfeng presided over this meeting.


2014 Zhuhai Campus Annual Review Meeting successfully held


In the meeting, persons in charge of the 12 functional departments respectively reported their achievements and gave a review on their work in the past year. They identified deficiencies, summarized their work, exchanged ideas and share experiences. After the report, all participants voted the 2014 Zhuhai Campus Advanced Groups, the Advanced Party B Institutions, the Advanced Workers and the ActiveParticipants of Labour Union Activities.


School heads and student representatives affirmed the work of all offices on Zhuhai Campus in 2014. They put forward that functional departments of Zhuhai Campus should facilitate communication with the finance department of SYSU. They also suggested to improve for teachers and staff the dinning environment and their accommodation condition, and to establish discussion room for graduate students. Vice President Ma Jun and Secretary Hao Dengfeng respectively answered these suggestions. Questionnaires onZhuhai Campus were also handed out in the meeting.


Vice President Ma Jun made the conclusion. He first thanked all departments of Zhuhai Campus for their great efforts in 2014 to effectively and innovatively solve problems piled up over the years. He hoped that all staff of Zhuhai Campus can work as one and make joint efforts in 2015 so as to constantly promote the development of Zhuhai Campus. He also pointed out that coordination and communication among different departments should be enhanced, and after the structural reform of Zhuhai Campus, new departments should be established and related regulations should be drafted as soon as possible.


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