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President XuNingsheng Surveyed Zhuhai Campus

Last updated : 2014-05-19
Written by: Party & Administration Joint Office
Translated by: Zhang Jingyan

On May 16 and 17, 2014, President Xu Ningsheng surveyed Zhuhai Campus, during which he attended symposiums to conduct exchanges with Zhuhai-bases schools and functional departments respectively. Chen Chunsheng , Executive Deputy Secretary and Vice President, Assistant President and Director of Zhuhai Campus Administration Ma Jun, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Zhuhai Campus Hao Dengfeng, deans and secretaries of relevant schools, and heads of all functional departments attended the symposiums.

On the symposium with Zhuhai-based schools, President Xu Ningsheng, after listening to reports regarding talent cultivation, scientific research and education, discipline construction, social service, and future development plans from participating schools, pointed out that Zhuhai campus is designed to be a comprehensive university in miniature, where SYSU is vigorous promoting its construction through strengthening organization and management of the campus and pushing forward the strategic cooperation agreement with Zhuhai city. He added that Zhuhai-based schools, whose history ranges from two years to ten years, have all accumulated rich and fresh experience, and it is in his hopes that they can grasp this opportunity to lay down new plans. So far facilities in Zhuhai campus are yet less perfect than those of Guangzhou campuses, due to which the university shall reinforce Zhuhai campus management and come up with new management mode to further improve the present conditions through gradual investment with collective support of the schools.                                                

 During the symposium with functional departments, Campus Secretary Hao Dengfeng reported the recent work of Zhuhai campus. Afterwards, President Xu Ningsheng stated that the most urgent work of the campus at present is to complete the building of walls; the teaching building is also a focal point of the campus improvement project and demands overall upgrading; the renovation of faculty apartments shall prepare several high-standard schemes and get everything done at one time without interfering the work of teachers; overall planning shall also be made for campus greenery landscaping and security management; campus departments shall enhance communication with relevant functional departments of the university and jointly fulfill the upgrading of Zhuhai campus.


President Xu visited Zhuhai-based schools during his investigation to learn about the situation on the spot and had luncheon party with students to listen to their opinions and advice. Not only that, he delivered a lecture on photo electronic display and imaging.



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