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The conference on an overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus was held

Last updated : 2014-09-17
Written by: Zhuhai Campus, SYSU
Translated by: Yu Jinghua

On the afternoon of September 16, the conference on an overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus was held in the administrative building of Zhuhai Campus, SYSU. Xu Ningsheng, President of SYSU; Chen Chunsheng, Executive Deputy Secretary and Vice President of SYSU; Li Shanmin, Vice President of SYSU; Yu Minbin, Vice President of SYSU; Ma Jun, President Assistant of SYSU; Bao Jigang, Dean of School of Tourism Management; and staff from departments concerned attended this meeting. On the overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus, participants had a heated and earnest discussion, which was hosted by Ma Jun.

After the report of the progress of the overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus presented by Department of Infrastructure Construction, President Xu Ningsheng pointed out that the construction plan of Zhuhai Campus should accord with the orientation of improving the educational quality and building a relatively comprehensive discipline system, as well as, a talent training system. The development of Zhuhai Campus would be the foucs in the development strategy of SYSU in the next ten years. We should formulate the development plan of Zhuhai Campus, and then make the infrastructure construction on it.

According to the meeting, the overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus should take features of a relatively modern university into account. With a rational layout of office buildings of each school, the administrative building of Zhuhai Campus, teaching buildings, the gymnasium, the museum, the music hall, the teaching laboratory, the research laboratory, the cross innovation center, the students' comprehensive service center, the student center, the students' innovative entrepreneurial base, students’ dormitories, faculty dormitories, the hospital, the kindergarten, etc., Zhuhai Campus would be developed into a relatively independent and impeccable modern campus.

The meeting suggested that the plot in the west of the lake Mi Shui should be exploited by strengthening landscape planning, ecosystem conservation, environmental protection and land management, so as to serve as a comprehensive experimental base and teaching practice base covering subjects of Geoscience, Geographical Science, Bioscience, Agronomy, Environmental Sciences, Water Resource Research, etc. That area would not been built permanent construction. The meeting required that relevant departments set about the study as soon as possible, and make a feasible and detailed working scheme.

The overall construction plan for Zhuhai Campus started in 2012. This conference was held after the establishment of Promoting Plan of Zhuhai Campus and the signing of Deepening the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Zhuhai government. From the perspective of entrenching the strategic position of Zhuhai Campus, further enriching the school-running connotation, promoting the teaching and scientific research setup, and consummating the infrastructure construction on campus, the meeting reached an important consensus.


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