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Guo Yuanqiang, Party Secretary of Zhuhai Municipality, Led a Group Visiting Zhuhai Campus, SYSU

Last updated : 2016-05-30
Written by: Press Center; Party & Administration Joint Office
Translated by: He Huimin

Guo Yuanqiang, secretary of CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee; Long Guangyan, deputy mayor of Zhuhai Municipality; Guo Caiwu, secretary-general of CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee and other officials visited Zhuhai Campus, SYSU on May 24th. Luo Jun, president of SYSU, received the guests and accompanied them for inspection.

Secretary Guo Yuanqiang and other guests visiting Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology (IFCEN)

At IFCEN, President Luo Jun introduced the overall situation and development plan of Zhuhai Campus for the next five years. Zhang Chunyu, an associate professor, highlighted the ideas of school management and the R&D center of IFCEN. The group led by Secretary Guo Yuanqiang visited Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Nuclear Power Multiphase Flow and Microflow Laboratory, Nuclear Electron Laboratory and Nuclear Power Environmental Monitoring and Emergency System Laboratory, and inquired about the IFCEN’s cooperation with France to run the Institute and the cooperation with the government in environmental monitoring program.

President Luo Jun introducing the infrastructure construction of "Tianqin Prog ’!Ediv>

Secretary Guo Yuanqiang and other guests also went to the construction site of for “Tianqin Program”, where President Luo Jun introduced the overall situation and significance of the program. Guo knew of the engineering situation and construction schedule for the program and required the departments and personnel concerned in Zhuhai to play an active role in cooperation and coordination in order to accelerate the construction of the mountain road for the program as well as other tasks.

It is reported that Zhuhai Municipality will hold a symposium with SYSU and other 9 universities included on how to build high-level universities and promote cooperation among the government, enterprises, universities, research institutes and investors on May 27th.

The visitors also included the officials in charge of Zhuhai High-tech Zone, Policy Research Office of CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee, Zhuhai Education Bureau as well as Zhuhai Science, Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Bureau.