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A Team Led by Zhang Yisheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuhai High-tech Zone, on Zhuhai Campus for Survey

Last updated : 2016-05-26
Written by: Party & Administration Joint Office
Translated by: Li Yixia

Zhang Yisheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuhai High-Tech Zone; Zhong Yijun, director of Zhuhai Bureau of Education, as well as Zhou Huogen and Lai Xiaobin, deputy directors of Management Committee of High-Tech Zone were on Zhuhai Campus for survey on the afternoon of May 12th. Yang Qinghua, SYSU assistant president; Hao Dengfeng, secretary of CPC Zhuhai Campus Committee and Li Mingzhang, head of University Logistics Office attended the seminar on the survey.

In the seminar, Yang Qinghua introduced the development plan of Zhuhai Campus. Regarding the integration of high-tech industries and colleges, Zhuhai Campus will center around the development needs of industries in Zhuhai and the development strategies of SYSU and launch a series of scientific research programs on the national level, including “Tianqin Program”, marine science laboratory, as well as international platform for scientific research on nuclear engineering and technology, bio-medicine and food safety. Yang also pointed out that both sides need to cooperate to settle some knotty issues, such as the construction of mountain roads for “Tianqin Program” and the affiliated school, as well as the conclusion of cooperation agreement with Hetian Infoport.

Zhang Yisheng made it clear that the High-Tech Zone will attach great importance to the development of Zhuhai Campus and continue the support for the campus construction. He also talked about the current obstacles in detail.

In addition, both sides discussed the issues such as infrastructure construction, talents cultivation and school expenditure in the construction of the affiliated school of SYSU, Zhuhai.

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