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[China Ocean News] Sun Yat-sen University holds 5th Ocean Science, Technology and Culture Festival

Last updated : 2016-05-11
Written by: Hu Jieting
Translated by: Wang Dongmei

Recently, the opening ceremony of the 5th Sun Yat-sen University Ocean Science, Technology and Culture Festival and the science popularization activity of deep sea mineral resources and technology was held on the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University. This activity was aimed at improving college students’ understanding of ocean sciences and promoting the cultivation of innovative spirit and practical ability.

The activity invited He Gaowen, winner of the 2015 Top Ten Most Beautiful Geological Team Members in the national geological survey industry, and Tao Jun, winner of the 2014 National Ocean Person of the Year, to give lectures on deep sea mineral resources and technology. Meanwhile, there was also a display including a model of the “Seahorse” remotely operated underwater vehicle, a model of the “Ocean No. 6” research vessel, and some seabed mineral samples, attracting students’ attention and increasing their interest in ocean sciences.

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