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The groundbreaking ceremony for infrastructure construction of “Tianqin” Program held at SYSU

Last updated : 2016-03-21
Written by: News Center, Party & Administration Joint Office
Translated by: Li Cuizhen

On March 20th morning, the groundbreaking ceremony for infrastructure construction of Tianqin Program launched on SYSU Zhuhai Campus was held at Mishui Lake, where the road leading to Tianqin Program Base starts.Leaders from municipal and related institutions attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Yu Minbin, Vice President of SYSU.

President Luo Jun delivering a speech

On the ceremony, President Luo Jun made a sincere speech. He said, “Tianqin Program is not only a major event in the past three decades, but also a lifelong pursuit for us. One day after my inauguration, I came to the beautiful Zhuhai Campus where I found the home for Tianqin Program and the place that is worth my lifelong dedication. Today, I feel extremely excited because the Program is going to start at this beautiful campus. First and foremost, I would like to extend my heart felt gratitude to Zhuhai municipal government for their support and encouragement for the preparatory work of Tianqin Program.”

Mr. Luo briefly introduced the Tianqin Program and highlighted its significance. He stressed that even though the U.S. has sized a leading position in discovering gravitational waves on Earth, space gravitational waves is still open to discovery. Tianqin Program is based on a comprehensive analysis of international and domestic situation, and conducts space gravitational waves study in accordance wtih China's development plan.

Tianqin Program is an international cooperation project led by Chinese scientists, and gather the best scientists around the world to work towards the same goal. It will drive SYSU to become one of the important academic research centers of gravitational wave detection and space precision measurement in the world, promoting a series of physics experiment in space precision measurement in the near future.

President Luo Jun also thanked his team members for their hard work in the past 30 years and expressed his gratitude to his wife who has always supported his work. At the end of the speech, he said that he, as the president of SYSU, is full of confidence for the development of Zhuhai campus. The next five years will see many other programs and related disciplines flourish at Zhuhai Campus which will become an indispensable part of SYSU on the road to become a world-class university. SYSU has already sounded the horn of marching towards a world-class university; Zhuhai campus should also follow. Each of us works on this ship and the ship will not go faster and further without your contribution.

Later, municipal leaders , Secretary Chen Chunsheng, and President Luo Jun earthed up the foundation stone together, which marked the Tianqin Program infrastructure construction officially started.

According to the plan, the main infrastructure of Tianqin Program will be built on SYSU Zhuhai Campus. It will be carried out in two stages. This ceremony marked the start of the first stage which is charged by Administration Committee of Zhuhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and built by Zhuhai Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. The first stage of the projects includes a 30,000-square-meter research building, a 10,000-square-meter ultra-quiet cave laboratory, a 5,000-square-meter multi-functional observation station and the mountain road to these buildings.

At present, SYSU Tianqi Research Center is also building research teams to work on gravitational theory and experimental analysis, satellite platform and control, precision optical measurement and remote sensing, Earth-Moon system physics experiment.

Attendees at this ceremony also included corresponding manager form Zhuhai City Housing and Urban Planning and Construction Bureau, Zhuhai Land and Resources Bureau, Zhuhai Urban Utilities, Landscaping and Forestry Bureau, Zhuhai Education Bureau, Zhuhai Fire Department of MPS, Zhuhai Civil Air Defense Office the Municipal Civil Defense Office and Zhuhai Meteorological Bureau; representatives from SYSU Tianqin research center and school of physics and astronomy; leaders form institution of science research, Construction Bureau and other departments of Zhuhai Campus; and students from different schools.

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