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Living Facilities

Last updated : 2014-05-07
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Living Facilities

The Guest House in Zhuhai Campus
The Guest House is located at Liyuan NO.1 and No.3 building on Zhuhai campus. The guest house has various rooms, including deluxe double, deluxe single, standard twin bed and single rooms. Please note that the guest house does not provide towels and toothbrushes.
TEL: 0756-3668168

The Hotel of S.T. Wu Center for Academic Exchange in Zhuhai Campus
This hotel is located outside the South Gate of Zhuhai Campus, which is only a five-minute-walk away. It is the more comfortable and convenient accommodation comparing with the Guest House. The hotel has various rooms, including deluxe suite, deluxe double, deluxe single, standard twin bed, and single room. It offers such services as wake-up calls, breakfast and so on.

1.Liyuan Canteen

The Liyuan Canteen is located in the Liyuan Residential Area of Zhuhai Campus. It is the largest dining hall on Zhuhai Campus. The first floor serves various types of food and local flavor snacks: soup noodle, steamed bun, jar soup, set meal and so on. Stir-fried dishes, hot and sour rice noodles, clay pot rice, etc. could be found on the second floor. Also, drinks are available at the snack counter.
2.Muslim Canteen

 The Muslim Canteen is on the second floor of Liyuan Canteen, running completely in accordance with Muslim standards to meet the needs of Muslims. Their cuisine combines different flavors of the north and the south, while still keeping its ethnic features.
3.Rong I Canteen

Rong Canteen is located in the Rongyuan Residential Area of Zhuhai Campus and it is divided into two separate canteens, Rong I Canteen and Rong II Canteen. The Rong I Canteen mainly provides common Chinese dishes, and serves local flavors such as Shanghai steamed bun, Cantonese sauté, soup noodle, Hakka sauté and so on.  
4.Rong II Canteen

Rong II Canteen supplies popular food primarily and local flavors from different parts of China as a complement.
5.Suiyue Lake Canteen

In the Suiyue Lake Canteen, you can enjoy your meal while feeling the glamour of Zhuhai Campus. The first floor serves steamed bun, Hunan rice noodles, Fujian snacks, jar soup and so on. Staff Canteen is on the second floor.