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The 54th Weekend Forum: Re-comprehension of Two Enlightenment Views and Modern China’s Revolution

Last updated : 2016-02-25
Written by: Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus
Translated by:

Lecturer: He Zhaotian
He Zhaotian is an associate fellow of Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; a visiting scholar for Humanity Academy for Advanced Studies, Zhejiang University; President of the Academic Committee, Center for History of Ideas, Fudan University; and the chief editor of the mainland China’s version of the supplement for Renjian Thought Review. He has also been to the University of Tokyo, Tunghai University, Tsinghua University and National Cheng Kung University as a visiting professor. His studies focus on modern China’s history of ideas as well as modern and contemporary Chinese literature. He has published Sensibility of intellectual inquiry in contemporary China, and edited tens of works including The Modernity of the West: Complications and Development, The Modernity of the East Asia: Complications and Development, The Problem of Modernity in the Developing Countries, 1949 as an Renjian Event and New Democracy as an Renjian Event.

Introduction to the Lecture

The full understanding of modern China’s communist revolution for the founding of People’s Republic of China, especially that of the political history, is necessary for Chinese to understand China in 20th century. In this lecture, the understanding and practices of two enlightenment views will be analyzed and the core experience of modern China’s communist revolution will be revealed, so that the audience can have a better knowledge of China in 20th century.

Time: 19:00, Saturday of February 27, 2016
Venue: C210, Teaching Building, Zhuhai Campus, SYSU
Hosted by: Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus
Co-organized by: SYSU Pyramid Academy

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