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The 48th Weekend Forum: a speech on historical novels and plays

Last updated : 2015-10-20
Written by: Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus
Translated by: Li Yixia

Speaker: Professor Cao Jiaqi (from the Department of History, SYSU)

Introduction of the speaker:
Professor Cao is the professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of History in SYSU, the course leader of SYSU National Excellent Course “Ancient History of China”, the Vice President of the China Association for Song Dynasty Studies and the Academic Member of the Zhejiang Center for Southern Song Dynasty Studies. He devotes himself to the research on the history and literature of Song, Liao and Jin Dynasty and on the history of Chinese ancient traffic. He has already published seven academic works and over eighty academic papers.

Introduction of the speech:
This speech is mainly about the artistic features of historical novels and plays and their general composition process. In this speech, Professor Cao will reveal the weaknesses of historical novels and plays, and analyze some historical works such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms from the perspective of modern history.

Hosted by: University General Education Unit of SYSU, National college students’ cultural quality education base
Co-organized by: Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus
Time: 19:00-21:00, October 21, 2015
Venue: C405 Teaching Building, Zhuhai Campus, SYSU
Planner: Professor Wang Kun



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