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The 45th Weekend Forum : literature and individual life

Last updated : 2015-09-28
Written by: Management Committee of Zhuhai Campus
Translated by: Li Cuizhen

Speaker: Professor Wang Kun 

Time: 19:00-21:00,October 8, 2015 

Location: C405 Teaching Building , Zhuhai Campus 

Introduction of the speaker:

Professor Wang obtained his bachelor of arts from Beijing Normal University in 1983, his master of literature from Peking University in 1988, and his doctor of letters from Fudan University in 1995. He also studied in the Ohio State University and The University of the South in Tennessee from June 2001 to June 2002.

At present, Professor Wang is a doctoral advisor serving for the Department of Chinese at Sun Yat-sen Universtiy and a standing council member of China Association of Sino-Foreign Literacy and Arts Theories and the vice president of Guangdong Society of Literature and Art Theory.

Brief introduction of the content:

Each one of us is an individual, human being itself and a complete unit of life.
In the past, our literature used to paid more attention to the destiny of human beings and neglect of the existence of individuals.

Nowadays, the cognition of human being has improved. We attach equal importance to individuals and entirety. As far as literature is concerned, this is a great progress. Yet there are something overcorrected.

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