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The 44th Weekend Forum-----From Arab Spring to Arab Winter

Last updated : 2015-09-11
Written by: Party& Administration Joint Office
Translated by: Wu Danlei

Professor Luo Yuting

Professor Luo Yuting is the Vice-Chair of the Wuhan University Council, Doctoral Tutor and Luojia Distinguished Scholar. Receiving the government allowance from State Council, Professor Luo is the Chief Expert in the Marxism Theoretical Research and Construction Central Project. Meanwhile, he is also the Chief Expert on the subject of Philosophy and Social Sciences in the key project of State Education Ministry and Deputy Director in the Instructing Committee of Maxism Theory in State Education Ministry.
Professor Luo has implemented over 10 projects from State Education Ministry, published over 10 teaching material monographs and about 130 pieces of academic papers in national authoritative and core journals like Chinese Social Sciences.

Time:10:00-11:30 am, 13rd September, Sunday, 2015
Venue: C203 Teaching Building, Zhuhai Campus, SYSU
Organized by: Zhuhai Campus Administration, Sun Yat-sen University


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