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Landscape Inheritance of the Birthplace of Lord Buddha

Last updated : 2014-10-29
Written by: zhuhai_sysu
Translated by: Wu Danlei

On the foot of Himalaya lied Kapilavastu, a beautiful city where Sakyans inhabited there and Buddha Sakyamuni was born. When Enlightened Buddha internalized his insight and perception in universe, Kapilavastu, rather than a mere natural landscape, was also a cultural landscape with human civilization and humanity intervening.

Speaker: Researcher Lin Zhihong
Brief Introduction of Speaker: Specialist of World Heritage Center of UN-ESCO headquarters in France; Researcher of CREOPS in Paris Sorbonne University; Visiting Professor of School of Architecture,Tianjin University and College of Architecture and Uraban Planning Architecture, Tongji University; Director of ISASES Consultants and Urban Planner.
Time: 19:00, 29th Oct.,2014
Venue: B311 Teaching Building


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